Across the Inland NorthWest, organizations are impacted by these unprecedented circumstances. INWork helps organizations connect their business goals and measures to their people strategies. This is Talent and Workforce Optimization. INWorkHR focuses on looking forward; with the people you have what can be done, how do you grow back with intention as we emerge towards the changed normal.

Your team of HR Generalists probably has enough to do to ‘keep the lights’ on right now.┬áLet INWork add intentional expertise to that team. Using a process of assessment, we guide you to Diagnose, Design, Hire and Inspire the outcomes you need, the jobs you have, the people you need and the culture you deserve.

Being intentional with your business is a passion, we can help you be intentional with the people you have, and as you grow back the new people you add to ensure your business succeeds in serving your customers.

Contact us at INWork to see how we can help you engage with the staff you have, and the customers you serve to deliver the business results you need.