Skills Are The Key

The skills and competencies debate has been around for a long time, as has the proverbial skills gap. The opportunity to do something about it has always been possible, but never been valued as a business imperative. 

But now, in internet time with the half life of skills being shorter than ever before, it is time. Time to describe the skills in a clear and observable way, time for education to be able to describe skills and outcomes, and time finally take skills off the ‘too hard pile.’

We at INWorkHR are not alone in believing this, addressing this via Credentialing and Badging, Learning Experience Platforms, Career Pathing and Skills Assessments is a core believe of companies like: Credly,, FUEL50, Lexonis, TalentSkyIBM and Skillsoft , to name but a few.

Skills will be at the center of all that HR is expected to support employees understand and develop and we are excited to be part of making that come true.

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