INWork’s Consulting Services provide you with the expertise connecting across Talent Management, Workforce Planning and Operational Effectiveness where and when you need it.

Our learned experiences of what works, but also of some shared failures in what doesn’t prevents you from having to experience those. Failures can be even more expensive lessons that lessen willingness to invest further in people or projects.

INWorks offers flexible engagements, whether its a short term project or to maintain ongoing access to our expertise:

  • Project Based: support your internal teams with with a cost effective plug-in model. Your internal HR function may be running at capacity dealing with the operational and compliance needs of your organization. We add capacity and capability to complete critical projects in-line with your overall workforce strategy.
  • On-Demand: as it sounds, if you want need to validate or review an approach, take a lessons learned from our experience of what has or hasn’t worked. Contact us.
  • Employee Lifecycle: our full-cycle expertise will help design and implement integrated people processes that ensure alignment and metrics that directly tie to your operational measures.