Audits exist to inspect, validate or improve processes. Finance gets audited. Inventories get audited. How or when does HR or the workforce get audited?

INWorks Audits may tell you what you know, but the ‘gotchas’ are in what you dont.

  • Are you a leading employer and place to work, want to stay that way? Do you know why or what it is that makes that so now? What practices or investments are emerging that you can ensure thats the case?
  • Is your investment in training, learning and development being spent where it is most needed and most effective?
  • What metrics are you using to connect employee performance to management incentives or vice versa?
  • What people metrics do you use to make CapEx or OpEx decisions?
  • Does your career pathing and compensation strategy align to employee performance and productivity?

Let INWorks audit your processes to give you peace of mind, and an action plan.