Job Description Audits

Job descriptions (JDs) done right are one of the most under-utilized tools for HR to make an impact in how an organization hires, develops and keeps its people. Most JD’s however, are filed in the drawer after a job posting or compensation review.

A great JD can improve the quality of candidates you attract, accelerate onboarding time to impact,  focus employees and supervisors on the job at hand, and improve engagement in career and skills development. All of this focused on real job performance.

For most organizations its the only way of describing the capability of the workforce; what as an asset your workforce represents, beyond just a payroll number. Inventory and Finance audit assets, but what about people? How does HR describe the organizations capability to do what it needs to today, or adapt for the future? JDs can do that.  

Contact INWork and ask us how a Job Description Audit can help you know where and what you think your workforce is doing: